Eastern Phoebe

Lake Jesup Conservation Area

The Lake Jesup Conservation Area consists of four parks surrounding Lake Jesup and managed by the St. Johns Water Management District.  Of the four parks, Marl Bed Flats boasts the most diversity and is the most popular among birders.  It is also the hardest to find, located on Oak Way east of Rte 417 on the north side of Lake Jesup.  The North Tract is the largest tract and is located on Cameron Ave, not far from the airport.  The East Tract is located south of Lake Jesup on Elm St. It is not far from the Black Hammock area.  Finally, Lake Jesup Park is best known for the boat ramp at the and of Sanford Ave., but there are many trails that take you through the area north of Lake Jesup all the way out to rte 417. 

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